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I am going with new pc this is my spec
1-abit ip35 pro
2-ati radeon hd 2900 xt
3-corsair psu 620watt
4-core 2 duo e6600 2.4
5-ocz ati crossfire memory ddr2 800 (2x1)g
6-thermaltake armor black with 25cm side fan
i want you all to help me choosing what products to buy for cooling for:
2- south bridge for the mother board
3-video card
and any thing else if i forgot
and please i prefer to go with the best noiseless or less noise or no fan at all but no water cooling the budget is unlimited
forgive me for my bad english

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Memory doesn't need to be cooled.
Southbridge doesn't need to be cooled.
For both of those as long as you have half decent case airflow you will be fine.

2900XT already comes with a cooler, so you would be perfectly fine with stock cooling. Unless you just want aftermarket cooling for higher overclocks. If that's the case then i dunno, haven't kept up with the 2900xt aftermarket coolers.

CPU, depends on what your budget is and what your intentions for this CPU are.
How much do u want to spend?
Do you plan to overclock? If so how high do you want to go?
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