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Hello everyone!

I have recently gotten a new job and I can finally afford to build a new system! The build wont really be an upgrade, as I already run a 2500k and a GTX670 for games, this is just going to be for fun. Once this system is built, I will turn my current system into a Micro ATX gaming build for my office TV. Such fun things happen when you have a job that pays you actual money! I have a few ideas for a theme for the build, and I'm looking to get some opinions from you guys over here. The build will be documented here for everyones viewing pleasure! Now, on to the parts, any changes or suggestions here is also very welcome.


Mobo: Asus Maximus VI Formula

CPU: i5 4670k


RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16gb kit

Audio: ASUS Xonar Phoebus

Case: Corsair Air 540

PSU: Corsair AX860 (from my current build)

SSD: Crucial M4 256gb (from my current build, will replace later with a Samsung or a Corsair)

HDD: WD Black 1tb, Samsung Spinpoint 1tb ( from my current build)


EK Supremacy (from current build)

EK DCII 770 Block

Bitspower Multi Z 250 ( from current build )

Phobya DC12-400 pump ( from current build )

Hardware Labs Black Ice GTX 360 ( from current build )

EK Coolstream 240 ( spare rad I have laying around )

Primochill Rigid Tubing

Primochill Rigid Ghost fittings

Noiseblocker PL-2 Fans

Coolant, lighting, and cable color will be decided once I figure out what theme I want to go with. Some of the ideas I've been throwing are as follows.

Mr. Yuk:
not sure how many of you guys remember Mr. Yuk, but he was a big part of my childhood, being a delinquent skateboarder type. These stickers were EVERYWHERE in my room as a kid.

so the theme here would be black and green, with Mayhems Lazer Green matching that color almost perfectly. Probably would use UV lights for sure on this one.

QotSA: Queens of the Stone Age
what can I say about QotSA......my favorite band by far, and one of the only bands left that is still making good music.

Black and red would be the theme here, which would go nicely with all the ASUS gear I'm putting in.

League of Legends
I'm sure lots of you know about the crack addiction that is League. Every game has come second to League for me in the last year, taking over my pc 100%. I'm actually suprised I havent seen many League themed builds, given its popularity with us PC folk. There are lots of ideas to play around with here. I could make the theme related to one of my favorite champions, the League logo itself, Demacia, Noxus, The Shadow Isles, etc.

some examples:

Thresh from the Shadow Isles.

Darius the Hand of Noxus

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
One of the best shows ever made IMO. TatBoPE as I'll call it is a Canadian TV show about a satanic book of pure evil that gives the owner their deepest darkest desires. The show is super gory, super funny, super cheesy, and did I mention Jason Mewes is in it?

book of pure evil

Maybe black and white?

I am open to painting, case mods, all of that. The purpose of this build is for me to have fun doing a build I couldnt afford before now. Let me know what you guys think, or completely ignore this thread, I'm just happy to have such a good resource for modding at my fingertips. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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