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Help! my Loops are making squishy sounds

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GPU loop-
I don't see any bubbles in my tubes but there are tiny little bubbles
on the wall of my res

CPU loop-
There seems to be a good amount of bubbles in my res.
But it appears as they are caused by the flow into the res?

Do I run the loops with the caps off the res and put the caps back on while there is flow?
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Yes. allowing the loop to run overnight with the reservoir cap or T-line cap loose will eliminate all those tiny bubble.

Add-on: I have allowed loops to do the final bleeding while the system has power without any issues. Once the loop is bled I would tighten the cap prior to shutting the system down.

[edit] You could also press on the tubes to break the cohesion that is holding those tiny buggers to the tube-walls.

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The Micro Res is cleared up. Now for the DD 5 1/4 bay.
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