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Help! my system experiencing freeze issue

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I recently upgraded my system to ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard with Coolmaster Genmi II cooler, 4gb OCZ 4-4-4-12 PC6400 memory and EVGA 9600GSO video card for my Intel Q6600. Got my system OC to 3.33GHZ with no issue. Then, I replaced the 9600GSO card with ATI HD3870 card, then start getting computer freeze after couple hours of computer activities or gamings.

I am not sure what is causing the freezing, the overclocking or my new graphic card? i thought the graphic card issue only if it freeze during gaming only. Any help would be appreciated.
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Did you remove the old drivers before you installed the new card? If not use this program to do so on both drivers,then reinstall.And set your oc back to stock for now.You could also try clearing the bios battery.
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