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I need suggestions from the experts at OC forums!

does anyone know where i can get some long screws to attach my radiator to my case? (something like 30-35mm long M3 screws i think).

I'm trying to mount a TFC 360 Xchanger, 3xTFC Shrouds, 3x38mmScythe1000's inside of the Coolermaster HAF case--fools at TFC don't have screws long enough to support 38mm fans--and won't even reply to my questions.

and If not, would anyone have any suggestions on how to mount my radiator to the inside top of the HAF?

Layered. it would be something like:

Inside, top of case > Fans (pulling)> Shrouds > Rad > inside of cpu

this was the last problem i thought i would run into. but it's turning out to be a formidable one (for me anyways).

thanks guys

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McMaster-Carr has the M3 up to 50mm long.McMaster-Carr .They may have them in all thread rods to I didn't look.

I have a hard time finding longer metric bolts locally to. I always buy some tubing from them when I make a order, they have a good price on Masterkleer. The Tygon seems a little high though. All kinds of plastic T and Y barbed fittings to if you need any.

They have to much cool stuff there, I try to stay away as much as I can..
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