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Help!!! New memory sticks cause no boot condition!!!

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Ok, I just bought 2 refurbished 512MB 3200 memory sitcks (samsung) to go from 1 gig (2 mushkin 3200 512MB sticks) to 2.

My computer was oced at 220 (FSB), and when I installed the 2 sticks my computer wouldnt boot. At first it did but it only wrote a couple of line on the usual black starting screen and stopped. Then I tried again and all I could get is a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sound (longer than the usual beep). I even tried to remove the new sticks I installed, same problem!!!! What is going on? Is my computer dead? Because of ram sticks? That I just bought? and that are supposed to be 100% compatible with my mobo?????

Well now I flashed my bios, so I can restart with 200 FSB instead. It worked but I haven't tried to install my new memory again... going now. BUT PLZ TELL ME WHATS GOIN ON!!! IM SCARED!!!!!!!
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You just need to reset the CMOS before putting the new sticks in. Should work fine once you've done that.
I just found that list on my mobo website...
Look at the samsung compatibility.


It says I have to set the CL at 3... with my mushkin sticks it's currently at 2.5... and my samsung are 2.5 native too...
I know what the problem is.

I tested every configurations (clearing cmos with the jumper between each).
My new memory works just fine... but as soon as I mix the to kinds (mushkin and samsung), I can't boot.

Even though the new sticks I bought are suppose to be Cl 2.5, they only works at 3...
And my mushkin only works at 2.5.

So when I mix them my bios don't know what timing to put so it just don't boot. Well that's my interpretation... maybe it's something else, you guys tell me.

Y can't my mushkin tolerate 3???? It's higher damnit!! Any idea on what I can do? Can adding voltage helps?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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