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Help OC AMD Athlon x2 64 4050e

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I tried reading through the manuals, but I can't access my BIOS options. The only thing I have been able to change so far is the Cool n Quiet option. Any help would be greatly appreciated for a walkthrough on the telephone or any instant messenger service. I will pay for advice if need be. Thank you for your help, greatly appreciated.

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What's your chipset? If it's an AMD 700 series one, you could try AMD Overdrive
to get any real form of overclocking from this processor and board you will diffently need c&c off in the bios other wise its near impossible to overclock as cool and quite (C&C) controls the cpu multiplier to make the cpu do less work while idle.
from this processor i have got
2.6ghz @ 1.25volts stable idle 31c and load 50c on stock cooling,
thats the fsb @ 250 mhz multiplier @ 10.5x
its a okay processor overclocks nicely people say it can go to 3.2ghz @ 1.35 volts but no need really get a 2.6ghz then overclock to 3.2ghz lol.
Do you have an OEM computer, like a Dell, HP, Compaq?

If so, then overclocking through the BIOS won't be an option unfortunately.
TODAY GUYS, TODAY I MANAGED TO GET TO 2803MHZ no prob easy on 1.152 volts @ 29 C° ON BIOSTAR TSERIES
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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