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Help: Overclocking my first Northwood.

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I got this 2.8HT Northwood yesterday and i have it running stable with a 250 BS/3.5GHz. I ran memtest and Prime95 and gave Priime95 a good 4 hours, but, when i'm running [email protected] my load temp shoots up from 33c to 57c? I have AS5 on the cpu with a thermalright xp120, my VC is 1.586.

I my Prescotts run hotter, but, the difference between the idle temp and the load temp wasn't as much. Am i doing something wrong?
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Youve upped your voltages and FSB so of course the CPU is getting hotter then normal then. 57C aint that bad, just to be shure it never gets above 60C thats when you get into the higher risk zone. How is your case temp?
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My case temp is a steady 28c. I plan on keeping this PC for folding when I go duel core in the next couple of months and i wonder how long it will run at 57c? My Prescotts run at 65c without any problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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