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help overclocking phenom II 810

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i have the phenom II 810 paired with the ASUS M4A78T-E. i have been looking at a lot of stuff about overclocking this processor, and i have already OC'd it to 3.35GHz and it is completely stable. but i was just wondering how the HT Link plays into overclocking. i have seen a lot of things where they say to keep it around 1000MHz and then others that keep it around 2000MHz, i have tried both, and it is stable either way, but i don't really notice any performance increase either way. just wondering which is better
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Just stick with 1000MHz.
just stick it at stock w/c is 2ghz, or you may experience stability issues.
So far i have been able to oc my 810 to 3.64 by setting my fsb to 280 and leaving acc off and c1e off. I amd running a m4a79t-deluxe and my volts are at 1.55 and not problems with temps any higher than 55 in my office. And my ht ref is @ 2800 and no problems with stability. What is your memory speed set to and how many volts. I am 1.9 now and running good @ 580.
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