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Help overclocking Q9400 w/ P5QL Pro

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It's been years since I overclocked my last machine and it seems things have changed a bit.
I'd like to overclock my machine, listed in my sig, and I can't seem to remember where to start. If someone could point me in the right direction to overclocking this combination, perhaps? Does it have to be done via BIOS? Or is there a way now to do it via Windows? Does Intel's AI Suite do the job? It seem rather limited. What programs should I have on hand to get started? I know I need some sort of stress software. Which one should I use? And what else?
Thanks in advance.
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Hey man first off overclocking is done via the bios. You can use software also to overclock but its not as stable as using the bios plus you have to use profiles to remember the overclock and its just a pain in the butt. You need to select a good multiplier for your motherboard/cpu and then increase the FSB-Front Side Bus, slowly checking for stability. Once you start to become unstable bump up the Vcore some and keep trying. It will be necessary also to bump up your Dram voltage and NB AND SB Voltage also. But the best bet to do for you is to read this guide that NoAffinity wrote for overclocking. It is the best thing for you to do instead of all of us telling you how to do it. The best stress test software and temp monitoring software for you to use will be Prime95 and occt, and for temperatures use real temp 3.0. Here are the links to these for you so you can download them.

GUIDE-> http://www.overclock.net/intel-cpus/...ing-guide.html

PRIME95-> http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft/


REALTEMP 3.0-> http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/
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