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HELP!!! P5n32-E System beeps; missing in manual

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Hi, I just purchased an Asus P5N32-E motherboard. Its been maybe a week since I've set everything up. A few times while I was test playing a F.E.A.R. demo I heard system beeps.

First it was *beep* *beep*, then another time it was only one *beep*, and another time, *beep*...delay... *beep*. So they sound like single beeps.

What could be making the noise & why?

Heres what parts I'm using:

Asus P5n32-E motherboard
Intel E6600 CPU
Evga 8800GTS 320MB

Understandably weirded out, I checked the system temps. Everything was in range and CPU @ 120*F. The 8800GTS graphics card was up to 75c-78c (+170*F). Not really out of range for that card though.

Also I haven't flashed my BIOS yet if that could be related. I'm alittle nervous about it from the horror stories I hear.

Thanks to those of you who answer.
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So it beeps while playing?? Or when you are starting up your system, like bios beep codes. It's wierd if it's beeping while playing.

And it sounds like RAM to me.
Do you have the pc probe II software from Asus loaded? It will make beeps if your voltages or temps are outside the preset parameters.
I think I"ve figured it out. For some reason, if I hold down 3 or more select keys at a time then it make a soft beep. It was happening while I was playing the FPS game F.E.A.R. Its the oddest thing.

Any way to turn off the "feature"?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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