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Help, PC beeps - won't post after installing new RAM

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We've just installed some new ram into my brother's Dell computer. Upgrading from 2 x 512MB DRR2 533MHz RAM to 2 x 1GB DDR2 533MHz RAM.

Here is more information on the particular Dell model:

However, now it won't post and beeps when booted.

We've tried switching back to the old stick of RAM but this makes no difference, and the beeping is the same.

Here's a recording of what the beeps sound like:

Here is a page for what the beep codes mean:

We think the beeping matches up with the error for 'Memory not being properly identified or used'.
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Clear your CMOS and try again wiyth the old RAM. If the problem is gone with the old RAM...you can probably guess that the new RAM is bad/wrong/etc.
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Have you tried using one stick of memory in each slot at a time? Identify exactly what stick causes the problem and/or which slot.

There appears to be some incompatibility problem. Might also be worth resetting the CMOS, too.

According to Crucial, your system is good to go with 2 x 1GB sticks @ PC2-5300.
Yep, those were the sticks being used. Any idea how I would reset the CMOS on this board? There's a jumper for it, would I need to remove the battery as well?
If you use the jumper, you don't need to remove the battery. Just switch the jumper position and leave it for 10 secs or so.

You can do it via the battery by removing all power sources and taking the battery out for a few seconds. That usually does it.
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Most likely.. it is a RAM voltage issue. What's the stock voltage of the new set?
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I have sorted the problem out now. First I reseated the RAM, that didn't work. Then I reset the CMOS, that didn't work. Then I reseated the RAM again and reset the CMOS once more and it booted. Thanks a lot. + Rep to all
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