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help picking video card please

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well i was looking at 3 cards

7300gt msi cheep but gt

7600gs msi right around what i want to spend

7600gt evge kinda high priced for me

so guys whats the best bag for my buck
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Get the 7600GT no questions asked it is the best bang for buck card out there, Tom Share hardware rated it the best midrange card. It is good enough to rival the 7800GS/GT(not sure about the GT)
If you want to stick w/ those cards, yea... 2nd one.

if you want to do a little bit better (age wise), you can get a X1900 for 150.


Just an FYI
7900GS ftw!
in all honesty i would go with the evga....REASON...the evga's cover overclocking and grease/cooler changes...so if something goes wrong they will replace it...i would say spend a little more or if that is an overclocked evga look for a stock clocked 7600gt from evga and go to town
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I would hafto say get the 7600GT. I have one, it's a great card, it has yet to fail me. It also overclocks easy.(altho when I overclock mine, the higher I go, the more pink tinge is seen on reflective surfaces... Oh well)
I'd go with the second one. I built a PC for my cousin's family using one of those and it works for most whatever they do gaming-wise. It can even handle Oblivion rather well among other games such as: Sims 2, Half-life 2, KOTOR 1&2, Halo.

i used the PCI-x version. just looked up and there's an AGP version of it too.
You can get a BFG 7600GT for $85 on newegg...

Originally Posted by THEoBZ
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7900GS ftw!

You really need to stop. That is obviously out of his price range

Nonetheless, I vote 7600GS or 7300GT DDR3
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if ya can there buddy , you grab a 7600 gt . you wont be sorry . its a fantastic budget card . ive yet to read a bad review on one .
a fine solid card , for the price . take your time there , the card is sure to go on sale somewheres at YOUR PRICE .
happy shopping .
cheers .
go for the 7600gt, you'll want the extra boost for now...
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