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Help please, CPU temp vista vs XP

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Here's my problem. It's very strange to me so I hope somebody can help me. When I load XP and use speedfan or cpucool9 it tells me my core 0 core 1 and CPU temp's are all above 70C and on load 80C. I know i'm like *** THATS HOT too. Anyway, when i'm on vista the same programs tell me that the same temps are 40C and 45C on load for all the ones listed above. *** is going on with different OS's and my CPU temp. What do OS's have to do with your temp on your cpu? Here's what stomps me though. I have exactly 37 processes when I load XP but when I load vista ULTIMATE I have 53 give or take. This makes absolutely no sense. I'm just hoping thatit's something really small like a program bug or something. All my fans are at manual 100% in my bios.

Here's my rig details if it helps:

Antec 1200 case.
zalman 9700 heatsink.
e8400 not OC.
and that should be enough if you need more info ill be checking this often. Thank you for your help in advanced.
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Use realtemp and tell us what the temps are
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First go here to fill up your PC specs, then download HWMonitor (top left corner) and check those temps.

A few things need to be asked: do you have enough airflow and is your heatsink properly mounted?
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