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Help please... lapping, re-seating, etc...

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Ok... so I lapped my Noctua and my TT and though I will need to re-do the TT, possibly the Noctua I was still expecting lower temps, especially on the CPU.

There was a bit of dust clogging the TT from the inside so I thought that might offset the lack of bake in on my AS5 but temps went up considerably.

My chip is OC'ed as in my sig and I was getting a 40-43C idle, now I am getting 45-46C...

Also, I know that the first temp in SpeedFan is not really the NB... but that went way up...

Below is a few minutes of Orthos speed fan.

Finally... can someone give me a detailed guide for a perfect mirror lapping job? I used 600 and then 1500 which I wet with water... and though I noticed that there was a big depression in the center of my TT which I was able to get rid of I still want to get a shinier final result. I am getting a Q6600 in August so I will have the chance to re-lap... so I want to be ready cause that sucker will be hotter.

PS: Anyone know where to get one of those square foan rings for my Noctua in case if tears when I remove it to re-lap?
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It's possible that by lapping your heatsink, it's now too flat for the shape of the IHS on the cpu. If you're brave enough to try lapping your processor, I'd try that to see if it balances out or even decreases your temperatures.
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I have no problem lapping it... but I have to sell it cause I am getting a Q6600... so I am worried about re-sale value...
good point... perhaps that watp was from the CPU melting it's shape into the TT's copper block
here ya go!


I bought their premium kit along with the final polish compound. the guy shipped it right out, he signed it himself, real nice people to deal with.

There is pretty much no danger in lapping the CPU, just let the weight of it do the job. I just gripped it by the edges, every few minutes I washed off the CPU (yes it can be submerged or wetted) and the sandpaper. dropped my temps a bit, and was lots of fun.
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nice!!! up to 2500 grit!!! that must be why I couldn't get it like you guys!


now what's up with being able to submerge a CPU... r u kiddin?!? hahhaa serious?
Skipping from 600 to 1500 is a little rough of a job you should gradually get to the higher grits, by staging, 400, 600, 800, 1000,1200,1400,1600,1800,2000,2200,and 2500+... that way the job is nice and not so rough or hard on the sand paper, and if your going to wet sand make sure your using the proper sand paper, if you use dry sand paper the adhesive that holds the sand to the paper may release the sand, causing pockets in your seating, and thermal conductivity issues...
no I used wet paper for sure... but it was very rough on the paper... I killed two sheets of 600 and two of 1500... I will get one of those kits when I get the Q6600... I might even lap the CPU
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Lapping CPU isn't really as risky as it feels. The IHS on the procs are pretty thick, so on my e6600 I had to use some even rougher paper than included in the PCKits just to get past the nickel plating on top.
hmm...even with 1500 grit, as you keep lapping and lapping essentially as the paper wears down you are 'getting' a higher grit lap. I think that it is because now the HS is flat but the cpu is not; so as said above i would lap the cpu. Most conroe's are convex.

I hit 60C on orthos... not loving that... maybe I didn't seat it right... either way it don't matter... in two months I'll be taking it out...

I am worried that it might have been that I only used a dot of AS and I am used to paining the cpu... so maybe I messed up.... and I mean that I might have messed up in the way that I layed the TT on the dot of AS...

before I didn't have to worry about that, instead I had to make sure that enough paste was squeezed out... not I might have messed up in that I set it down while moving it to the side so it might have gotten pushed only towards one side... it isn't easy to place the TT...

any thoughts on that?
I found that you could just place a small (half grain of rice sized) dab of AS5 on the CPU, then use the heatsink to gently rub the AS5 around the CPU til it is covered.

Please correct me if I am wrong on applying that much or using that method to a lapped heatsink, I have found this works with a lapped CPU's IHS + lapped heatsink.
It worked for me several times on my non-lapped setup... i bet it works the same with lapped sinks though... an that might be it too... I tightened the TT too soon and I had barely any play when I tried twisting it... I might have to loosen it up a it and twist some more...
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