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hi guys.

as the titel says.

can you please help me, i am wanting to setup voip at home but do not know where to start.

so here are my questions:
#1: what do i need? (hardware and software)
#2: where do i get a phone number from to get it sorted out?
#3: what ealse am i missing??
#4: and a provider that is in the UK.
#5: it must be in wondows not ubuntu.

things i got....

i got a fast internet connection so that is not going to be a problem.


so as you can see the internet speed is not a problem

so please help out and see what we can get sorted out.

this will be greatly apreciated.


PS: all usefull help will be given rep.

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Depends which platform you want to delve into.

A cheap Asterisk server may be worth looking into.
You can also run this as a virtualized machine.

As far as phone, you would either need a SIP phone or analog telephone adapter.

For service, a SIP trunk will be able to provide access to the PSTN as well as a phone number for you to receive calls on.

Would provide more information but am at work, hopefully someone else can clarify in the meantime.

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from what i understand i am going to need a analo0g phone or something similar.
a converter box as such.....
then get a provider to give me a number .... but i want to go pay as you go not contract...
i bearly use the phone as i have a mobile phone and it will probably cost less having this setup that having to pay 17 pounds a month for something i do not use at all.

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will vary on the VoIP service provider. Some don't require anything more than that you have a headset combo or desktop microphone. Other companies have special adapters which connect to your high speed modem and enable you to use your regular telephone.
Generally, the strict minimum is an ATA and an IPphone.
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