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i have lots of questions especially ram
what is :
1T/2t Memory timing
Ras# to Cas# delay
Min RAS# active time
Row precharge Time

Hyper Transport Frequency(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, auto)

from all above question which setting is good for mine?
I have OCZ Gold Rev2. DDR500 and the rest of the sys is in my profile
I m at FSB (240*11) stable i guess buz i have been running Folding for more than eight hours.

thnx in advance guys


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In the case of A64's, HTT IS the fsb. The HTT Frequency though is what you saw with those low multipliers.

Socket 754...has an HTT (fsb) of 200, and an HTT Freq of 200x4 = 800

Socket 939...has an HTT (fsb) of 200, and an HTT Freq of 200x5 = 1000

You are correct about lowering the HTT Multiplier when the system becomes unstable. While it does not ALWAYs alleviate the problem, it can sometimes make a large difference.

If you peruse the high HTT(fsb) overclockers, you will sometimes notice they are running insanely low HTT Multipliers.
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