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Help! PS2 eats its young...

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My PS2's games just stop working after a while. Why? About half our games just stopped working at various times, even ones with a nearly perfect surface. They now generate a disk error.

Anyone else experience this? What can be done?
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In the middle of the game? did it used to play the game before? and now it just comes up with an error? am i correct?
the dreaded disc read error you need to try and clean the lens with a lens cleaning disc and if that doesnt work it will be a new laser unit or a new ps2 for you im afraid
ya... i got that at one point... what you want to do is take it apart carfuly and when you get to the lens use a Q-tip and put rubbing alcoal on it and clean it out carfully .. have it dry put it back togeher but if that doesnt work I fear that you have to get a new system
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Laser has bummed up (thats the technical term for it)
The lens cleaner disc seems to have made a difference. Thank you to all of you guys.
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as long as it works good thing you didnt have to replace it....
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