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Hello everyone.

I have recently ripped out the guts of my desktop and installed new mobo + cpu + ram + psu

Kept my 9800gtx.

Kept my 1TB WD SATA HD

Info about my bits:
Phenom 965 BE 3.4
Corsair Dominator XMS3 RAM 4GB (2 dimms)
ASUS M4A79T Deluxe

All drivers for all hardware are up to date.

Previously I was running XP Pro. Made the switch to Win 7.

After having installed all the new hardware and formatting my main HD and
putting a fresh Win 7 install on it, my comp freezes after 1 hour up to maybe 3 hours. It never freezes when I'm playing Crysis or Starcraft 2 (yeah I gotta beta key

It only seems to freeze when my screen saver is up over night and I'm dl'ing various torrents. It's never under a major load when it freezes.

Researching the internets it seems like a lot of people have problems with voltage (or lack thereof). So I juiced the voltage a little on both my cpu and ram. (2 increments each) Windows seems to run a bit better but when I stress test with Orthos my comp IMMEDIATELY freezes. I'm talking 2 seconds into the test.

What gives? My PSU is 750w, more than enough for my setup. All hardware is new and out of the box. All drivers are up to date.


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If your system is overclocked, set everything to stock.

Another option to try, turn off Cool&quiet. See if that helps out.

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Everything is running stock. I'm not much of an over clocker.

Cool and Quiet was off to begin with when I had this problem. I tried turning it on but I'll turn it off again to see if that helps.

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hey i think we have a similar problem here! i also build a new pc everthing is out of it's box, here are my spec-
window 7 64bit.
GTX 285 oc
turbo p5q pro
raptor hardrive 320gb
g skill 8gb of ram
quadcore q9550
corsair 750watt power supply

i have a other pc with almost same spec so i did the test and found out my 1 or my ram are defected, remove it and use 4 gb instead of 8, problem fix run benchmark no freeze play assassin credd 2 for an hour or more no freeze up, before ramdom forze when playing video or listen to muisc, so darn ignoring, hope my solutions below help you out

Hardware issue!!
Make sure bios is set to default. Over clock or up/down voltage will also cause system unstable and overheating.
-Bad Ram/memory stick , random freeze, bad drivers, recent added rams, motherboard ram slot damage.
-Motherboard no picture when starting up, but still showing power in the mother board lens.
-Graphic Card no picture when starting up, graphic card fans are not spinning.
-Hard drive, hdd not detect
-Power supply - system wont start up at all, because no power. Minimum today pc need at least 550 watt power supply depending on your computer.

If your computer can run RESIDENT EVIL 5 Benchmark, then do the following.
What you need is another copy of similar computer hardware, ram, graphic card, power supply etc.

RESIDENT EVIL 5 Benchmark Download:
SpeedFan to monitor your overall temperature : http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php
Set your Benchmark to window mode so you can see your SpeedFan temperatures.

1.Ram, to test memory stick 1 or 2 stick at a time, run benchmark. Freeze? Try the ram from your other pc, 1 or 2 at a time. If the other pc ram didn't freeze then it's the ram that are defected. People suggest memtest but it's too much work to download and burn it to the disc also takes very long to scan.
2. Graphic card, try it on your other computer.
3.Power supply ; try it on your other computer.
4. Harddrive, try that not working harddrive on your other plug, if that's not working then try it on a
Different computer see if it detect.
5.Motherboard, try it on the other computer, or uses the component from your other computer.

Hope this helps: D
Found defected hardwares? Still under warranty? If so do a replacement. Check the menu or their
website for further instructions.
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