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HELP! Recurring problem!

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I had this problem a while ago, reformatted, now after a week it starts to happen again

I restart (after no particular thing; in this case it was a program install) and the computer keeps restarting at winxp loading screen;

dont tell me to reset bios i have done it both battery and just shorting the pins; doesn't do jack

now it just keeps restarting.

other related problems are IRQ settings for sound (sound stops working after conmp has been on for a while, both onboard and my soundcard) and computer sometimes not showing display/not booting unless i reset cmos then it works BUT this time resetting cmos DOESNT work it just keeps rebooting and getting to winxp screen then restarting

please help!
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Can you get into safe mode? (Hold F8 at bootup)
how are your temperatures? if you notice your proc is alittle hot in the BIOS, that's probably your problem, remove your cpu heatsink and add some more TIM, reseat carefully and make sure the heatsink is in tight.

If not, run memtest86 and make sure your memory isn't going haywire.

If all that is cool, I would suspect your motherboard is flipping out...
sounds like as bogey mb
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Faulty memory module, bad boot sector on HD or Mobo that is acting up. All these 3 factors are worth checking in this case.
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