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Help reversing task-bar burn in on my CRT RPTV

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I have been using my 57" CRT RPTV as a PC monitor for a little over a year and now I have the rectangular shape of the task bar burned in along the bottom of my screen. I can't tell if the word "start" or any icons are burned in. Only the shape of the taskbar is easily noticed on a white background..I did have the task bar on auto-hide and always kept contrast between 0% and 20% but apparently that wasn't enough. I was using Windows XP x64 with the black Zune theme taskbar.

I know I need to age the taskbar area evenly with the rest of the screen, but how can I get an image that will do that? I don't have a digital camera or Photoshop.
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I do a lot of 480p gaming with my Wii and a LCD would have to do a lot upscaling which would cause input lag. Also, after all the upscaling 480p sources look worse on a LCD than they do on CRT. This is why I chose a CRT over digital. My CRT has two native resolutions (540p and 1080i) and only has to upscale 480p to 540p.
Unfortunately, you cannot reverse screen burn. thats why they invented screen savers. A new TV is your best option.
I would get 8 solid color images: white, black, red, blue, green, cyan, magenta, yellow and use a simple slideshow program to display each for say 15 seconds, let that run for... 15 min at a time, stopping if you see results.

I'm not 100% certain it will help, but if the only other advice you're getting anywhere is "buy a new tv"... it can't cause any outcome worse than that, can it?
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CRT RPTV? Don't listen to these guys, you have the easiest and most affordable TV possible to fix.

Step one: Run a plasma burn-in DVD for a few hours. Plasmas and CRTs run on the same basic principle, and the few new CRTs that are susceptible to burn-in can usually be fixed easier than a plasma.

If Step one fails: All you gotta do is replace the tubes. If you've replaced them very recently and they've got a few years to go then maybe live with the burn-in for a while just to save some money. But if it's really annoying and that DVD didn't fix it then just get new ones. And if your screen is getting darker than you'd like then you really need the tubes anyway.
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