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help rma'ing video card

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ok i have a 8800gts 320 that is dead that i would like to rma, thou i dont have the original box or invoice. its an evga 8800gts 320, can anyone give me any pointers
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Find the invoice, by any means necessary. Even though i don't think EVGA absolutely requires it, it will make the process that much smoother.
Evga is pretty good with RMa's.And they will give yiou a list of how to pack and ship it once you have the RMA# which you will have in a day or so.they are fast.
i have tired, i cant find it
.If its registered you wont need the invoice!!!!!!Where did you buy it from?Newegg keeps a inventory in your account of invoices

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i have tired, i cant find it

Go to the store you bought it from maybe. They normally keep those on file.

Alternatively, i suppose you could just start the RMA process, and see what kind of directions EVGA gives you. Just respond politely and promptly, and you should have no problems at all.
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i cant remember if it is, im not sure
If it isn't registered and you don't have proof of purchase... then you are really out of luck....
it is registered but no proof of purchase
I would go ahead and sign in to all of your e-tailer accounts and look at your purchase history. Maybe, just maybe you will find it.
i did no luck that means i bought it locally
I know this isn't a XFX card, but for me to rma my XFX 8800, I just had to provide them with the serial number on the back of the card. I also had the card registered with them.
If you bought using a credit card, you might be able to retrieve the invoice.

Either way I would go ahead and contact EVGA and see if they would accept it.
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