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!!HELP!!Tried to Switch to Raid 0 after Bad Benchmark

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I have a pair of 10K 36Gig Raptors and in a non-Raid config. I ran a benchmark on them and they showed poor performance so I decied to swtich to a Raid 0 looking for optimum perfomance. To do this I formated in NTFS then switched my Bios to Raid O array and tried to reload XP. Thats when I hit the wall, XP will not recognize my drive/s. I have changed boot order deleted the partition, formated in FAT32 tried all 5 copies of XP that I have and so on. Any Sugestions?
Thanks For your tips
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??? I have already changed the bios to Raid 0 config initially

Fisrt I formated with bootable program then set Raid config to 0 w/ 128KB stripe when that did not work I deleted the Raid 0 config rebooted and reenabled the Raid 0 and again no XP load. Then I deleted the partition and disabled and reenabled the Raid 0. I followed the same process with FAT32 then I started tring different XP CD's. Last I preformed a Bios Reflash with the newest updates still nothing. I was getting a little frustrated so I change the boot order in the bios no load. I reverted back to non raid and drives were found so there has to be a software issue I have missed.

So I believe there is a problem with the Intel 875PBZ driver for Raid 0 or I am missing a big step.

Thanks Again for everyones help,
Would windows get to the point where you are asked if you would like to install a 3rd party raid aray?
Yes, but Intel's Raid driver is suposed to be completly incorperated into the BIOS. I have done some research and was under the impression that no disk was nessacary at this point, not to metion I don't have any Raid drivers in floppy format. XP would load to the point of asking for new insataion repair or ????.
I went back to Intel's Site and found that the retail box (not oem) came with a F6 Raid driver diskette. I am sorry I wasted everyones time and appreciate your posts. I will keep you informed of the new benchmark results.

Thanks Again,
You didnt waste our time. There are a couple raid guides in the Faq section.
Just finished setting up my Raid 0 on the new system no overclocking (yet) on the two Raptor 10K 36 Gig

Before HD Tach Burst Speed 90-95 MB/s on either drive

Now (Drumroll Please)

After HD-Tach Burst Speed 200-206MB/s

The preformance gain on the system was well worth the effort.

Thanks for everyones help again
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glad to hear its working AND your happy with it.
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