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Well, I've had BC2 for a while now, but have not been able to play a single moment of online gameplay. I've tried almost everything I could think of and am at my wits end so I ask you all for help! I am able to log in perfectly fine, select my soldier, browse servers, it simply will not connect to any game server at all. I have tried playnow/server browser over 2 dozen times right after another many many different times.

I have verified the ports BC2 uses are open and communicating, I have turned off my anti-virus and firewall, I have reinstalled Win7 64 Ultimate, every other online game works fine to include Battlefield 2, Counter Strike Source, Americas Army, Battlefield Heroes, ect...

I have called my ISP tech support and they sent a guy over to help troubleshoot this problem. They sat with me and ran Wireshark and couldn't find any block on ports 18121, 18126, 18390, 18395, 13505... They then uncapped my internet, showed the new speed benchtest (it went up to over 15mb/s) and it still didn't fix anything, he then went and put in a manual DNS server address in TSP/IPv4 and still didn't help anything. He tried a few more things and finally said, "there's no reason for it not to work, talk to the company and see what they say."

I have contacted the Dev's over on the UK Bad Company 2 forums... here is their official response ( http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/b...ty-issues.html Post # 7 ) But obviously I will not take this response, so maybe there is something you all can think of I can try to fix this. If it works for tens of thousands of others, why will it not work for a handful of us? Any ideas or suggestions?
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