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Hey all,

I just finished my first build from scratch which includes a foxconn flamingblade mobo and an msi cyclone gtx460.

I reset the CMOS and have been able to access the BIOS.

Evidently, the GTX460 is not compatible with the "stock" BIOS included with the flamingblade.

I am currently stuck with the prospect of having to flash the bios and I am not terribly comfortable with this idea. I have read several guides but the process seems confusing and I don't know much about dos.

If anyone can help me I will be eternally grateful. I will also post pics soon.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: I am also getting an error code 4e on the board and it hangs up at the manufacturer's screen when trying to boot. I will try the 2 sticks of RAM and see what I can get going.
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