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Help w/ [email protected] install

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O.K. I downloaded the SMP beta client for windows. The instructions say to run install.bat after the install. When I do this it gives me a command prompt. What do I do from here?
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O.K. I just went ahead and ran FAH.exe. It says it is only using 27% of my cpu. I want to use more. How do I do it?
in the command prompt did you type in the account username and password?
then you run FAH and since its the first time being run you input all your information, name team nuber, all the settings, anddid you set it at IDLE 100?
how do I set up username and password?
1. Just put a password on your Admin account, that way you only have to use one account

2. Go to install bat and type in your username of the account and press enter

It will ask for the password, enter it and then enter it again to confirm (note that nothing happens when you type for the password, dont worry about it)

3. It willcomeup with a message twice and then you are done

I did this 2 nights ago and it is working fine now.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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