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help w/occto for newb

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I ran occto 3.0 and I have a question regarding one of the parameters . In the cpu section on the voltage row all my voltages appear correct (although vcore drops to 1.17 under load) except for the last one in the row . It looks like it should be 12v but at idle Im getting a little over 1 volt under load it goes up to around 6 but never reaches 12v . Is this a problem ,if so some suggestions as to the cause and correction would be appreciated
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First, it's OCCT, not Occto...heh

You are most likely referring to the PSU voltages. The 12v sometimes does lie below 12v, but not usually by much. Perhaps you could get a screenshot of what you are talking about?
Frankiev, if you are referring to +12 voltage and it drops while running OCCT by say .06 that is normal as thats what happins when i run the stress test, its ok!
OCCT used to read my 12V as 7V on my 750i, seems like its just the software, dont worry bout it
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Thanks to all for the help
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