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help w/ overclocking my Q6600

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hey guys, i have a Q6600 kentsfield on an evga 790i mobo, stock never OC'd my cpu, can anyone tell me how to get a stable 3.0 ghz from it? im not sure what i have to do and it gets ever so confusing cause all tutorials use different mobos hence diff bios settings.

i just wanna get it 3.0 and have that be a stable 24/7 setting... any help would be great, oh ya i have 6 gigs dominator ddr3 ram, and watercooling.
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oh yea the ram is 8-8-8-24, pc3 12800 ram voltage 1.65V

not sure if ram has anything to do with my CPU OC but i always see it being discussed during CPU OC discussions
First and foremost Welcome to overclock.net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly you should definitely go to your options and add that System to your signature!

Well to start off you want to go in and manually set the timings for your RAM. You will find these either on the packaging or you can reference the model #. When you set the memory speed sometimes its a good idea to take your memory down one notch. IE if you have ddr1600 set in bios as 1333. When you OC your FSB your also overclocking your memory.

After that you can just go and tinker w/ the FSB by moving it up a few clicks and seeing if your stable. You need to first download and burn a bootable MEMTEST disc. You can find an ISO of this easily from searching google.

In Windows you will want to stress test your overclock separately with Prime95 and Orthos which are both easily found through www.majorgeeks.com.

Generally if you make an hour or so your "stable", but when you find the speed you want to run at 24/7 I recommend letting prime 95 run for 12-24 hours JUST to be sure. Also preboot you may want to run MEMtest to test a clock to avoid corrupting your operating system.

Also quick note. Download CoreTemp or RealTemp to monitor your temps.

Also you'll find sometimes the voltage your CPU is receiving is not enough for a clock speed you want. If you have an option for Load Line Calibration or something along those lines you can try using it as it minimizes Vdroop.. Also turn off any Watchguard type bios recovery options. They can mess w/ an oc.

You can find out what your Chips VID is through CPUz. As you overclock you may have to bump up the voltages on CPU, ICH, & MCH.

USE CAUTION. VOLTS FRY . Try to stay under 1.4v for all of them at max in my opinion.

Higher clocks = More heat
Higher Voltage = Lots more heat ..

Overclocking is a patience game. Take your time, be informed of how to use the RESET jumper on your motherboard should you get an unbootable setting.

Lastly always overclock in baby steps. Good start would be to make sure your Multiplier is manually set as its max. Its hard to find stable overclocks w/ high FSB.


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sounds good well my comp should be up n runnin in a little bit and ill get as much info as possible and add it to the post for a more descriptive post, im familiar with the reset jumper movin it over 1 pin boot up shut down move it back, also ill change my system settings on the forum right now

for now any more additional help will be great
Be careful about your voltages. There are some threads that tell you the stable max voltages for the q6600's without frying them, plenty.... way to many threads... just find one.

Make sure you know the max voltages for your NB, cause you might wanna bump that up too.

Make sure you have a good heatsink. I dunno how n00b you are so I'm stabbing in the dark.
k system settings updated @ my sig... that should be enough info to let you guys know what im usin so u can help me with a good OC
You have an amazingly powerful motherboard for overclocking. If this were my setup I honestly would be expecting to hit 3.5 ghz -4ghz w/ that chip assuming your VID is low.
oh well thats why im waitin to boot up PC once my water cooling system is done leak testing and ill let u guys know my vid... im paranoid about going higher then 3 ghz because i keep seeing people say that it can severely shorten the life of the q6600
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