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Help with 8800GT

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Heys guys i have a problem and it started just today. When ever i play a game like ofp2 or cod4 ill play for about 5 min or less then my computer locks up so i hit the restart switch on my case and i get one long beep and two short beeps. witch means video card or monitor error. when i power off and turn it back on it boots up fine with no errors. any ideas whats going on. i get about 73C on a load.

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The first thing you need to do is fill this out. That way we'll know what we're working with.

Is your rig overclocked at all?
73c is absolutely fine for an 8800GT.

What kind of power supply do you have?

Originally Posted by CyberStrobe View Post
500w Cooler master psu.
Should be fine...
maybe the card is just getting old and starting to bite the dust?
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Thats what im thinking also. if it does give out im screwed.

This is the card i have http://i.testfreaks.com/images/produ...oc.1325387.jpg
I have the exact same problem as you mate!
Considering that you're not overclocking and everything's stock, I would check to see if you can RMA your card. Check with your brand's warranty specifications.
If it keeps doing that, it means it's dying.
or maybe his video card is not FULLY seated? Is everything PLUGGED IN? Check again and see, if nothing else works then i'd suggest you rma it.
try cleaning it and reseating with some good TiM.
well i just took it apart. took the fan off and took the heatsink and ran it under hot water. it cleaned all the dust off im about to stress test it again and see if it crashes.

Originally Posted by CyberStrobe
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500w Cooler master psu.

If it's a Coolermaster Extreme Power series PSU, it's low quality and could be dying.
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any luck? I hope you gave your card ample time to dry after running it underwater. if it's still under waranty try to RMA it, if not you could try to bake it or I'll pay for shipping and you can send it my way
I horde these dead 8800gts' for spare parts and the like
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