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Help with a build log

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I'm doing a little modding of my case and would like to make a log and put it in the case mod work log's section... can I write it all out in word then copy+paste it into a thread?
If not, how do I get my pictures to show up wherever I want them throughout the thread, rather than as attached images at the bottom?

Thanks and don't forget to keep an eye out for my build log!
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you can do either, the easiest way is to embed the images by hosting on like photobucket.com or some other image hosting site. Then copying the address for them or the image link (photobucket has it), sometimes the site even has the image tags so it just shows up in the thread, then you just insert that wherever you want in your text.

As for adding word documents, i dont think so you, you could type it out for spellcheck etc... then copy and paste it into the post... That is what I would recommend
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Ok this is just a bit of a test:

Intro: Recently I have been looking around at the different options for a case, as my current no-name one is a piece of scrappy crap.

The things I was looking for in a case were:

-25cm side fan
-clear side window
-2x120mm fan mounts at front
-1x120mm and 1x80mm at back
-At least 120mm fan at top
-fan mounts on bottom
-mesh front grill
-not too heavy
-Not too expensive

Initially, I was thinking along the lines of the antec 900 (350NZ + 150 shipping from Aus) or the thermaltake armor with 25cm side fan - this would have blown the budget out the window.
I didn't really have a realistic eye on a case that was pre-made to be silent (like the antec P180 or those lian-li's) as they are rather expensive.

So I went down to the local computer store, not really expecting to find anything and saw this good looking inexpensive icute case - the icute S901-5G1-BB. I understand you don't have these cases in America, sorry.
Here's what it looks like
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ah poop the images wont show
looks like i'll have to write it out in a thread
sorry trying some html


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I would also recommend testing using the PREVIEW POST button. It allows you to see if your image tags, coding, etc are working as you intend without actually posting.
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Or you can play with editing your post so you're not posting and posting.. But looks like this is a zombie thread anyways! xD
We should have a dedicated noob zombie thread...so noobs can just screw around and learn the in's and out's of fourm interface
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It would end up being one of the million post spam threads or a way to pad your postcount which seems to matter to some folks oddly enough.
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