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Hey everyone,

Just curious as to what the ideal settings would be in bf4 to get my oc'd 670 at over 100 fps average? I just purchased an Asus 144Hz monitor and want to be close to the 120Hz refresh rate with lightboost enabled. I don't really know what quality I should set everything at and, what post sampling to have for best performance to quality ratio. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Typically the auto settings run the best for this sort of thing, but if you're looking for specifics, I'd try out all high w/ 2xMSAA and maybe SSAO instead of HBAO.

Here are my specific recommended settings you can try out:

FOV: 75-90 (higher FOV dips FPS in a lot of cases)
Motion Blur: 0%
Weapon DoF: Off (doesn't really contribute to frame loss, but you can try out both)

As for the graphics settings.
Texture: High
Texture Filtering: High
Lighting Quality: Med/High
Effects Quality: High
Post Process Quality: Low
Mesh: High
Terrain: High
Terrain Dec: High
AA Deferred: 2xMSAA
AA Post: Off
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