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Help with CrossfireX

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I ran one 4770 in 3DMark06 and it ran alright. But when I Crossfired them I got almost no FPS increase. Does that have to do with the Software or do I not have enough raw power going to the cards? The specs are in the sig.
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Well, you did enable CrossFire in CCC, didn't you? And you did put the CrossFire connector on your cards?

If so, then run 3DMark06 again, and see if you get a increase in score.

Also, try running some games to see if they see an improvement - the fault may on 3DMark's; not yours.
Do you have the drivers?

Exactly how much fps did you gain, and from how many?
Oh I made sure it was connected. I checked in Bios, was good, checked GPU-Z, good, checked CCC, good. I don't know what's going on. Could it be the lack of available RAM to the computer? I'm using XP at the moment.
Uninstall, driversweep, and reinstall newest drivers.

Not a ram issue.
Just a thought here. Do you have xp 64bit? If not you wasted money on all that RAM, because less than half of it can be used, 3.5GB to be exact.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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