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Help with DOSBox please?

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I'm having trouble with DOSBox on windows 7.

I'm trying to DOS-instll Dungeon Keeper, so I can play it over DOSBox.

Here's what I did -

Mount the DK .iso over PowerISO

Start up DOSBox


Mount Q F:\\Keeper\\DOSSETUP (Install source directory)
Mount W D:\\Games\\DK (Install target directory)

...Then the screen turns black, and the background DOS window comes up with about 100 entries for Illegal writes to different memory addresses.

What do?
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You should be able to mount the ISO though DOSDox itself. Have you tried this?

Also, are you sure you are using the DOS version of the game?
yes, I'm sure im using the dos version of the game. In fact no, i just created the DOSSETUP directory on the disk myself 'cause im a total tard and thought it was gonna work.
By the DOS version, I'm refering to the original 1997 release, not Dungeon Keeper Gold. The Gold edition seems to have problems with it's dos install files. I haven't been able to get it to work in DOSBox, a virtual machine running PC DOS, or my K6-2 DOS system.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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