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Help With Family Dell

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Okay, so we have multiple computers in our house, this one is my little sisters she uses to Instant Message and read her fashion sites, anyway, I just reformatted it a few weeks ago due to viruses, but that isn't the problem. Her mouse stopped working, so I gave her one of my old ones. But then one day while Windows was loading it just shut down, and now it won't start back up, I mean the fans spin up, and the HDs spin up, but nothing comes up on the screen, the only thing I haven't tried is changing the video card but I don't have another one to try, would that be it perhaps? It doesn't show up on the screen, but it seems like everything else is working.

The one reason I would think the vid card is still working would be that the core of it still gets warm when the computer is switched on.

Anybody have any idea what to do?
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Can we have some more info on the system please?
We need the tech specs
Oh sure, I forgot, to be honest I am kinda fuzzy on these and I obviously can't turn it on to check, but these are close give or take a smidge.

Its a Dell circa 2002ish, Dimension 4500
Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz
40 GB HD
Nvidia AGP Vid Card 64MB
256 RAM
Give me the service number and ill look it up
Service: HTY5L11
For example a Dell dimension 4400 has a tag of BMX6d11
Ahah a demision 4500
look at the back of the computer and try to turn it on do you see the diagnostic lights and pay attension to the color they turn and the pattern.
Would that be the ABCD lights?

If that is what you mean, AB and be come on solid orange and never change and CD come on solid green and never change.
yes on a normal start up they should all turn green
Okay edited my previous post with colors of them, they aren't all green.
ok then you are having a memory FAILURE....
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Ok open the computer up and remove the momory put one back in and try to start it up if it still fails try removing it and then try the other one. if it still fails ill have you try something else.
Okay, tried switching slots on the memory and now it works, thanks guys.
no problem the thing with dells are that they get hot try to make sure it doesnt get to hot
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