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Help with fan positioning

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Alrighty... I have 5 fans total here. Four are 120mm and one is an 80mm.

the tower is setup like so:

PSU is at the top and back, one 120mm fan is just below it and is right next to the CPU.

On the side, I have two fans, the single 80mm and the 120mm. the 80mm fan is positioned so that it can either blow air directly on the CPU or expel the air flowing there, and the 120mm fan is on the bottom right next to the dual HD4770s.

On the front I have the final two 120mm fans. One is on top and one is on the bottom.

How do I need to set them up to get the best airflow? First time working on this. ^^

No plexi so it dissipates heat like it's nothing. ^^
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it looks all good TBH. I might just orient the 80mm to expel air because of the cpu cooler is pushing air out the back, dont wanna add any extra air that might cause temps to rise. I also would point that 120mm fan on the door facing the dual 4770's to try and cool their temps.
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The one in the Back, definitely should be blowing out.

The two in the Front, definitely should be blowing in.

The two on the side, now that I honestly don't know what direction they should be blowing. If you have them blowing in, that is too much air coming in, and not enough going out, but I don't see any reason to have them blowing out. But I guess you can have the 120mm cooling the video card, and the 80mm exhausting any heat that may rise up.
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It's just, I don't know just yet on what's doing what. 3 are intake, the two front and the one over the vid cards and I don't know if the back is intake. The 80mm right now is expelling the air from the cpu.
I'd say leave it as it is, as long as the back fan is an exhaust. Front should definitely be intake and back should definitely be exhaust. Maybe just experiment with different setups on the side to see if it effects temps at all?
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Sweet. ^^ Fans are in place and temps are actually down by about 2-3C on all stuffs. ^^
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