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help with hawx

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i just bought the game and installed it, it was working fine but now it lags like theirs no tomorrow ,it was going at 70+fps yesterday but now it goes at 8-15fps
can anyone tell me why
dont tell me i wasted 60 bucks man
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Are you running in DX9 or DX10, there have been lots of problems with DX10... I suggest playing in DX9 for now

Check task manager?

Close running programs?
A reboot didn't do anything?
Is your Virus program running a scan or something? If you turn the detail levels down does it still lag?
Disable crossfire? It should run fine on one 4850 (it did for me)
im still using my dfi slidr so CF is disabled (cant get my phenom system up yet) as for AV i dont have one installed

using sli-dr
opty [email protected]
corsair xms @ 2/3 divider(for stability)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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