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my dad wants to build a PC to hook up to his stereo. hes got an older Onkyo amp and EQ and some nice speakers (upgrading to polk At 7 or 9's in the near future)

we want to rip all of our audio Cd's to FLAC

can anyone help with a build?
it has to have a 1TB drive and a XiFi sound card and under $400

i was thinking:
small cheap black case $20
Optical drive: $25
Cheap AMD dual core Athlon X2 $40
1TB HDD $90
2Gb Ram $20
Cheap mAtx Mobo with onboard video $40
decent 400-500 Watt PSU $50
Creative Xtreme Gamer $80
Wireless Keyboard and mouse $20

any thoughts? or input?
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FLAC is going to take up a lot of space. I have my FLAC files on my server, but it does take up a lot of space. Why not rip them to 320kbps mp3's and make them more compatible.
because there is a huge difference when listening to mp3 vs FLAC with high end audio equipment
If you really believe that, okay

Originally Posted by Mr Bear View Post
If you really believe that, okay
Its 100% true.
They are not compressed audio.

But its also an ear thing.

I have trouble listening to flac if its just in my left ear, as that one is damaged some.

But if I use both ears and listen to a Flac song it sounds much better than a MP3 320kbs song.
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