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Help with new build

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So I have just built a new rig(see sig) and am having major trouble with it.
I am having problems with the computer locking up. It does it at random times, and nothing really triggers it(as far as I can tell).

When I started trying to get windows installed the cd drive would spin up as if it was gong to read the disk but then just stop. I finally got it to work by opening and closing the drive just before pressing any key to boot from cd. Then when I finally got in to the installation process it was so slow. I installing tried from both a flash drive and dvd, so I don't think the dvd drive is the culprit. Now Windows hangs at random times. So I can't tell weather this is a hardware issue or what. Anyone else having these kind of problems?

also I was running my ram in the 1st and 3rd slots but in cpuz it would tell me it was running in single channel mode, and when I changed it to the first and second slots it said dual channel. I was under the impression that you always install ram in every other slot, but that's neither here nor there, because the problem exists both ways.

Another bit of info. If I am lucky enough to get into windows without it hanging, I try to run prime95 and it hangs instantly after I start the test(no overclocks or anything).

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your cpu may be bad. hopefully it's not the motherboard. try to RMA your processor...if it isn't the cpu then it has to be your motherboard.Just RMA
Here is some more info
I have run these tests with both ram sticks in both memory banks, and with each stick in individually. They all yield the same results. I did the first test option in p95( the one that doesn't use much ram) and it doesn't hang. When I do the second option(uses a little ram) it hangs after about 30 sec. And as I said before when I do the blend test it hangs instantly. So it almost seems like its my ram, but wouldn't it be unlikely for both sticks to be bad? Should I rma the cpu and ram just to be safe?

Feedback greatly appreciated.
You can't just straight up use 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM, you have to use 1333 MHz DDR3.

That's how Phenom II's are.
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I was told by multiple people on here that you can.
And I even asked that specific question.
It is underclocked to 1333 so I don't think that's the problem.
what is the psu that you are using? if you cheaped out on the PSU, I would say that is the problem

Mutiple things you can do:

Make sure HSF fully attached to the processor

Monitor voltages through BIOS, see if they fluctuate

Check the PSU railings especially the 12V.

Swap harddrives

Use one stick of RAM, and use them in different DIMMS

Flash BIOS (this could be answer problem right here)
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Your mobo doesn't like your memory, so RMA your memory. I had the same problems. My memory was the problem.
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OK, I will try different hdd first, then flash bios, then RMA the RAM. Should get my money back on the ram and buy a different set? Or should I just get the same stuff over?
I dont think its the RAM.. and its too bad you cant just test with a spare DDR2 either since they arnt backwards compatible...

try flashing the BIOS first... If you have a old AM2 or AM2+ chip, I suggest throwing it on the the mobo and see if the CPU is the culprit.

Then Memtest the RAM to see if that is the problem
Can anyone think of why the windows 7 install would be so slow?
I think what ever is causing that is what is causing the hang ups in windows.
I do have a cheap psu(its next on the upgrade list) but its a 460 watt and should be good enough to power the system. I upgraded the bios and reinstalled windows, but the same things are happening. Could the hdd be faulty? Another question, What sata port should I be plugged into? GSATA2_0, or SATA2_0? or does it even matter?
I just tried a p95 blend test. It didn't hang but after about 30 seconds the computer restarted. Also on reboot it has been having to do a chkdsk(I think that's what its called) on drive C, even when shut down normally. The restarting thing makes me feel my psu isn't adequate, but the chkdsk makes me feel like its the hdd.
Well the easier component to test is the hdd. try a different one.
Tried a new hdd got the same results. Gonna RMA the CPU and RAM. I hope its not the mobo...
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Okay so we got one thing clear: its not the HDD

dont RMA yet, it would suck to RMA and let the world crash down on you when you found out neither is the problem. We should eliminate the problems one by one so we can figure out what exactly is wrong

Did you run Memtest? If theres any errors, then the RAM is at fault
I don't have a cd or dvd burner unfortunately. I am going to buy a burner and a new psu after the RMA is received and I get the money back for the ram. If I am still having the problems then I will rma the mobo. I just don't feel like dealing with it anymore, its stressing me out. I guess finals aren't helping haha.
Any suggestions on what ram I should get?
I am looking for cas8 or better and 1600mhz.
What has been a proven performer on am3 boards?
any suggestions?
I am also looking for suggestions on which corsair psu to get. I look to crossfire 5770's in the future. And I kind of want a modular one but I plan on getting a nice case that will hide cables well, so modular isn't a must.
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