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Hi all.

Im new here and ive registred just to get some help from some more advanced OC:ers like u =)

I would like to get some help to oc my 8600gts card cause im a chicken to do it myself when i dont have the complete skill that i think i should have doing it.

First to get all the questions away this is my gear.

Amd ahtlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.1ghz 6gb RAM

Gainward Geforce 8600gts 512mb gddr3 pci-ex HDCP

Core clock setting 675MHZ

Memory clock setting 2GHZ



Now my current settings on the card.

Core clock setting 730mhz

memory clock setting 2150mhz

shader clock setting that is linked with mem is on 1568 mhz.

When i play world of warcraft for one hour or more on highest graph the the GPU is on 60-63 C tops. and my idle C is 48.

And that is why i think and what ive read that i can boost it even more..

And i also have standard cooling on the graph card.

Ive tried to install ati tools to check for and wrongs och glitches but some how i didnt get it to work so ive uninstalled it.

Is there someone that has boosted the card even more and with succsess that can tell me " u can put it up to..... without any crash" ? =)

Would be greatful if u could help me with this =)
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