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Hi guys,
I just tried to run Prim95 after my first overclock on a Q6600 + GA-G31MES2L, and the temperature goes as high as 70-71 C, is that normal for 3.0ghz?

I'm using the stock cooler for now but I intend to buy a better one later and crank up the speed, right now I'm trying to reach 3.0ghz with the stock cooler, can you guys take a look at my BIOS photo below and give me an advise on the temperature and the BIOS settings?

My memory is a Corsair Dominator 1066 2x2gb, I also need to tweak that correctly, if you have any advise please comment!

Ps: If you look at the default vcore of my processor it seems to high, doesn't it?



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