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Hey, I'm trying for a pretty minor overclock (3.4ghz) on my system...it seems stable so far, have ran Prime95 for around an hour with no problems, but I constantly get errors in Memtest86+ (mostly in test #4, but sometimes in others) so I'm at a loss of what's the best course to take. My memory frequency is only 1200mhz right now, and I'd like to get it up to 1600mhz.

I need to replace the stock heat sink still...I kinda messed up the first after market one I bought.
Temps right now are about 31/32 idle (one sensor appears to be stuck - it won't vary under 38) and under load 58-60. Also, Core Temp consistently reads temps about 5 degrees higher than Real Temp...is one more accurate than the other?

I've read up as much as I could here, on the MSI/OCZ forums, but I'm still pretty new at this so any advice is appreciated! All the relevant BIOS settings I can think of I've listed below:

C1E Support: Disabled
Intel EIST: Disabled
Spread Spectrum: Disabled
Adjust CPU FSB Frequency: 400
Adjusted CPU Ratio: 8.5

FSB/Memory Ratio: 1:1.50
Adjusted DRAM Frequency: 1200
RAM Timings: 8-8-8-24
1N/2N Memory Timing: 2N

I set the 8-8-8-24-82 on the advice of a post in the OCZ forum. Other settings are still at the default and I'm not sure how to adjust them.

Adjust PCI-E Frequency: 101
Adjust PCI Frequency: 33.3 Mhz
Auto Disable DIMM/PCI Frequency: Enabled (what is this?)

CPU Voltage: 1.2625
Memory Voltage: 1.92
FSB Terminator Voltage: 1.30
NB Voltage: 1.50
SB Voltage: Auto
CPU Reference Voltage: .85
Memory Reference Voltage: .96

There's also a "Power User Mode" section with these settings: (untouched so far)

CPUClk0 Skew: 0 ps
CPUClk1 Skew: 0 ps
DRAM CHANNEL Controller: Disabled (googled around for this, can't find any info on what this does)

Thanks in advance for any help!
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