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Help! x2 5400+ issue

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so i reinstalled xp on my dads computer the other day. All drivers are good, set it up, and then he installed counter strike source. He tells me that its like there is somehow a built in speedhack and his game is going nuts and is sluggish. So i was searching around on his computer and found out that his cpu is only running at 805mhz in windows?!?! C&Q is diasabled too. Its supposed to be running at 2.8ghz per core. How is this possiable? I checked the bios and everything is fine. But as soon as i go into windows it puts the fsb at 57 mhz and the core clock to 805mhz.

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you could try a bios update? just a suggestion
Try resetting the bios and then disabling C&Q over again. Are you sure there aren't any other settings you need to disable?
yea, i was looking around and everything is perfect in the bios. i reset it and it didnt make a difference :[
Its the mutiplyer in the bios its prolly set to 2x
set to default or load fail safe
no its not the mutiplier. i set everything manually in the bios. I loaded fail safe defaults along with the normal defaults too.
c&q is still disabled and the bus/ht speed settings and multipliers are all on par in the bios. Just not in windows :/
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Did you ever Unplug the system and try pullin the jumper for the bios
Cant anybody see his ref clock is only set to 57 ??? >.>

set it to 200
yeah i was just gonna say it looks like your reference clock is at 57 lol, like he said try setting to 200.
it is already set to 200 in the bios. yes ive unplugged it and reset the jumper. I have absolutly no clue what it could be...
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