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i don't know where else to post this so if you could move it to where it can be posted that's ok...im looking at building my computer in august and it will be first time im ever even touching the separate pieces...Ive been looking on you tube and reading couple books..but i was wondering if anybody has any concrete videos or books or any websites that can break it down into simple plain terms for me

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This is an AWESOME guide. Read it before building my first rig, priceless.

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Browse around these forums. Everybody on here is awesome. Strangely enough, most motherboards come with decent directions on how to assemble most of the computer. The mobo, cpu, heatsink and ram could maybe be a little tricky for a first timer, but just ask, and if asked nicely, ye shall receive
Just google around, I'm sure you'll find one. Or some pc mags, look for system building guide issues. If you get stuck and have a more specific problem to deal with, post here, you'll get a reply in like 0.00001sec
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