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my sons computer will only start in safe mode, a memory test comes up for the first time since build-never came up before on start. will go to the rolling bar then just get black screen. seems very slow. did run spybot, and avg anti virus but had no threats. could use a litle help, tried to reformat and had no change.

780i motherboard with q6700 2.66 processor 6 gig ddr2 memory on windows vista x64
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boot safe mode and uninstall the video driver and see if that helps, if it does, download the latest video driver off the net
reformated installed xp, will start but takes about 7 min from rolling bar to get to desktop. reinstalling driver for gpu no difference.
i believe that you have some memory issues . try running with 1 gb or 2 gb of ram. evga boards are picky about their memory.
what sound card is in it? i would actually look at heat or the hard drive being the issue. but at the same time i have had symptons like this from my fubared creative xtreme music sound card.
if you dont have an extreme music soind card. i would reccomend you goto the manufactors website of the hard drive and get their diagnostic software and run it on the hard drive(s).
Talked to nvidia & they told me the memory settings are not correct, can u tell me what specific memory settings for ram should be, have ocz ddr2 pc6400/800mhz/sli ready OCZ2N800SR4GK as far as latency and voltage for stock system, Thank u in advance.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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