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here we go again

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Hello all been a while but here we go again....

ive been deep into the coding class i taken and havent had much time to overclock so thought would try out a water cooled rig this time


athlon 64 venice 3000
dfi lanparty ut nf4 sli dr-expert
kingmax hardcore ddr 500
500 w psu
150gb maxtor diamond
128mb mb gigabyte graphics
onboard 7.1 channel audio
gigabyte 3d water colling
5 case fans
akasa crystal clear case
cathode ray,led lit
many extras added too

day 2 of the experiment and all is going good passing super pi 32m run and not a temp above 30 deg, at 1.61v

fsb 336 x 8 2688.2 mhz
ram 245 3,3,12,3,15

artic silver still not set yet so will see if get anymore head room.
upped the chipset and ldt too for testing
i have 2x 256mb ram sticks in dual channel mode.
boots at 2.8 ghz but not had time to stablize it yet
thought id do a little review of the build so keep watchin.
installation of the water cooler was really straight forward
i did take some piccys of the install but they are not to clear.
anyone who wants to see them give us a shout.
gonna go have a mess see ya soon
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WOW... nice HTT/FSB

Keep working it!
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