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Recently I got fed up with case fans just not making any significant difference to the temperature of my computer so I went out and bought a vantec tornado 92mm fan for 19.60AUD. It's attached to the chassis at the rear of the case, where the power supply is and sucks out the hot air.
I did an experiment. The room temperature was about 27degrees C, but this doesn't really matter. Basically I had prime95 running in the background and turned on my vantec tornado fan, keep in mind this is the only CASE fan I used in this experiment.

After the temperatures steadied I took a screenshot, then unplugged the fan and waited about 30 minutes for the temperatures to steady again, took another screenshot and here they are.

The results really speaks for themselves, this is one case fan and it has made a massive difference to all the components in the computer, even the hard drives at the very front of the case were cooler when the vantec tornado was running.

This fan does make a lot of noise which of course is a trade-off for a cool computer, not just cpu.

In the screenshot the temperature to the left is with the vantec tornado running. To the right is the temperatures with the vantec disconnected from the power and doing nothing.
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