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hey when is the 7800gt getting discontinued

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hey im looking to buy a 7800gt just before they get discontinued so i can get get a great and cheap card when will it be happning and any idears of the price drop the cheapest one i have found is £190 / $315 im hoping to spend about £150
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I think they already stopped producing the 7800's but Im not 100 percent sure..
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s*hit i dont have the money to buy one

hope they will still sell them for 2months or so :?
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They will only be producing until they are out of cores. Once they run out of their stock, that's it. I'd just keep an eye on the online retailers.
there was already a couple posts on this..
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i really cant imagine that they discontinue the 7800gt. If they already havent they should rather stop with the Geforce 6600 series, they are in far lesser demand, and the GT's arent the best "bang for the buck" anymore. Its actually the 7800gt that is that now, why would they discontinue it then?

EDIT: if theyre getting cheaper i would suggest that everyone who has a 7800gt and another PCI-e slot, buy them cheaply so you get SLI
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Crapolla... is that why the egg had them on sale last month???

Originally Posted by The Duke

Crapolla... is that why the egg had them on sale last month???

Exactly. They are pushing inventory off of their warehouse shelves. Remember nVidia is in the business to make money. Not to please everyone (although it helps their reputation if they do). So they'll do whatever makes sense for them fiscally.
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don't sweat it mates, think about it,,you can still buy brand new fx 5500 wich are How Old?
Yes, they have stopped making them already, but they produced so many of them that they should be in stock for at least a little while longer.
thats good stuff and i ano what u mean about the fx5500 lol i just hope there here for the end of april fingers crossed
They stopped producing them so people will buy the upcoming 7900 series when they are available, its all a big conspiracy shame on Nvidia, just teasing
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Think about it, 7900GT will be alot faster and only a little more than 7800GT was so they could either cut the 7800GT's prices by like $100 or more which is what you all would want lol but that would cut into sales of the 6800 and 6600 series which they are also trying to get rid of so they dont want to do that. 7900GT is supposed to have an MSRP of $399 at launch I think so thats not that much more than the $315 you stated for a 7800GT (USD)
I think that it was a bad move my Nvidia to discontinue the 7800GT (Nvidia is still imbaressed about the 7800 release fiasco), but I'm no marketing expert.
lol i cant say anything im stuck in the position where i dont get alot of money i earn about £68 month not spending a penny so i cant be buying somthing that will last 1 year i hope to get at least 3 years out of a card im thinking of just wating with the crappy card i have know miby and get a dx10 card or buy a 6800gs /7800gt if the price is right and yous that for 3 years and then do the same
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