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whats up new guy here, now ima use dis site alot so dont be getting all crazy on me with these words dat i dunno YET.

from my definition of specs

evga 9800 gt
AMD Phenom X4 9500 Quad-Core Processor
Vista 64bit
24inch LCD
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Welcome. Please make sure you use the User CP option here to fill out your system specifications in order for us to better help you with your pursuits.

Also please read the user Terms of Service at this link:

As well you may wish to read how reputation works by following this link:

Welcome to OCN

Nice rig you have
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Hey good to have you here at OCN

And definitely a good rig for a new comer.
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Cool, welcome. I'm new here as well, though I've been browsing around here once in awhile the past few months. lol Finally decided to join.

I agree with the others, nice setup!
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Welcome to OCN
welcome to overclock.net
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