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Here's something that you don't see every single day: a dedicated music server. Not an HTPC that also acts as a music server or jukebox, but a high-end, audiophile-quality music server. Olive Media is the company behind the box, and the new O3HD is designed to be their most affordable unit ever.

But even affordable means lots of dough for a device like this. It caters to the high-end market who cares about every little detail in their music, and it caters to a crowd that is shifting away from CDs and towards lossless digital audio files stored on hard disc. The new box is capable of ripping your CDs into FLAC files that are stored internally, and it has enough space for around 1500 of your favorite CDs. Also, the front panel touch screen allows you to see album art and other information, and there's a 24-bit DAC for some of the clearest, cleanest tunes imaginable. Or so we're led to expect.
It's sooo.... sexy
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