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Hi all

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Hi, everyone my name is Sainik Biswas(Nik). I am a part time developer from India with an interest in PC's. I was going to write I came here for overclocking. But somewhere in the forum I read that somebody wrote "You came here for overclocking but you will stay for the people". So I am a novice in building PC's. I just started my journey and with help from the overclock community I hope to learn much about overclocking and make some new friends along the way.....

Here is the link to my gaming rig. Kindly let me know what changes I can make to my system to make it perform better. I saved some money so that I can change a few things here and there.http://www.overclock.net/lists/display/view/id/5372970
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Welcome! I am a complete nab as far as AMD goes. But I am sure you will find everything you need, and more here! Enjoy your stay!
Me too. I myself am a completely novice as far as AMD goes. But with help I think I can understand at least some bit of it. thanks for the encouraging words.
Welcome to OCN! and nice Rig. Should be fine for gaming @ 1080p
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